X-IMG_1068Professor Slobodan Grebeldinger, MD, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Novi Sad in 1962, where he finished Primary and Secondary School with a GPA of 5,00 and honors. He finished Faculty of Medicine in 1991. with the GPA of 9,29. Since 1991. he has been working at the Clinic for Pediatric Surgery at the Institute for the Child and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina in Novi Sad and has been accepted for a permanent position on the 1st of April 1994. He became a pediatric surgeon in 1996. He introduced his Master thesis named: “Analysis of clinical and ultrasonographic examination in the diagnostic of acute appendicitis in children” in the everyday practice. His PhD thesis named “Multiplication of enterocites using serose patch in the short bowel syndrome” he defended in the year of 1999 when he became an assistant at the University of Novi Sad. Since then he has been participating in practical and theoretical classes at the Faculty of Medicine and has been a mentor for PhD and specialization studies. He became a vascular surgeon (a subspecialization) in the year 2000 and a assistant  professor in the year of 2003 and associate professor in 2008. He speaks German and basic English. He is a member of the World and European Pediatric Surgery Association. Has been a vice-president of Pediatric Surgeon Section in Serbia and Montenegro. He  authored of 94 scientific papers with the result of 119 according to M classification. From all published scientific papers 14 have been at SCI list. He has more than 52 citations in the domestic and international literature. He has published three monographic books at the University of Novi Sad. He is author of software for statistical and administrative tasks at the Clinic for Pediatric Surgery which has been a basis of administrative medical work of the Clinic for 7 years. He has been an author of the software of creating central register for undescended testes under the project “Impact of hormonal therapy on increasing fertility in children with undescended testes”. Hi is member of the Editorial Board of the Sanamed Journal and one of the reviewers for the BMJ (British Medical Journal). During all this time he has been working at the Clinic for Pediatric Surgery in Novi Sad where he becomes the founder of pediatric vascular surgery and becomes the head of the Department for Vascular and Transplantation Surgery. For the next seven years he has been head of the Clinic for Pediatric Surgery when he introduced better conditions and quality of work at this Clinic. After this period he became the Cheif of General Surgery Department. In September 2012. he became the Director of the Institute for Child and Youth Health Care of Vojvodina in Novi Sad. Since 2006. he has been engaged by a nonprofit humanitarian organization, and during this time he provided a large donation of disability aids for this organization. An active member of Democratic Party. He is involved in work of provincial and departmenal Board of Health in Novi Sad. In 2013. he became the President of the respective Board of Health of the City Board of the Democratic Party in Novi Sad, where he contributed to the formation and operation of the Board. Art is also his passion, especially music. He published a CD in which he recites verses of S. Yesenin. His hobby is macro photography. He is the father of four children..

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